Today we have a major traffic jam in Stockholm. Oil spills on the Essingeleden highway result in a line of cars almost to Södertälje, 30 km South. The current forecast is that this will remain for around five hours.

Many people stuck in the traffic wonder how to instead work from home, on the go or even in the car.

With today’s technology, it’s easy! Almost everybody has their own smartphone and broadband at home today. Anyone working at company with a mobile PBX or IP phone solution, can work as effectively from home or on the run as in the office.

You use chat and SMS texting on your mobile or laptop PC. And you see in real-time on your screen if your colleagues are available, busy on phone or in a meeting.

Even if you work in a support team or at a call center, you can receive the calls from home or on the fly.

By using these simple methods, you and your boss benefit from you working at home or answering job calls in your car when it’s difficult to get to work.

Just a little reminder – We do not recommend the use of chats or SMS texting when you’re driving, even if it could be tempting…

If you want more arguments why working from home is a good idea and easy to arrange, talk to us! You reach us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 or

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