Today, Efftel is launching its new website and branding platform. We are also implementing our new logo and refreshing the general appearance of the company.

Flattering reviews

At the end of last year, we interviewed a number of our customers and gathered their feedback.
We asked questions such as “How satisfied are you with Efftel’s products and services?” and “Would you recommend Efftel to other companies?”

The responses were flattering. Our customers are happy and the vast majority would gladly recommend Efftel to others. Here are some of the quotes:

“This isn’t something we want to get bogged down in. Efftel just works, so we can spend our time doing what we want to do instead.”

“hey delivered what they said and kept their promises.”.

“They’re very accessible and service-minded”

You can read more about what some of our customers say here.

New mission and logo

Many of our customers highlighted that what differentiates Efftel from the rest is that we really help and take care of our customers. Therefore, we have decided to bring more clarity on this through our marketing efforts.
So we have been working on our mission, vision and business concept and we have replaced our old logo with a new one. The former black and white Efftel appearance has also received a warm green tone.
We liked our previous logo, however, we felt that it was slightly rigid and it does not really reflect the comprehensive support we want to give to our customers. Our new logo, on the other hand, better signals our core values – that we always strive to be more knowledgeable, more flexible and more helpful.
At Efftel, we aim to help our customers to develop and achieve their goals. By making work easier and more efficient in this increasingly connected digital world, our customers will be able to better focus on their core business. We are there to take your company’s electronic communications seriously. You can find our new mission, vision and business concept here.

Focus on support and customer care

Many of our customers also expressed a keen interest in support service and customer care. Our products will therefore be continuously evolving to empower companies who wish to provide world class customer service in a cost effective way.

Want to know more about how it can be done? Have some feedback for us as well? Contact us here.