Efftel Video Conference is a user-friendly service that functions as an effective, complete solution for your company.

A video conference involves integrating many moving parts. Everything from hardware and software for the conference rooms, to smartphones and laptops, to the interiors in the conference spaces. In cooperation with leading developers and companies operating in the sector, we provide customers with a convenient, easy-to-use videoconferencing function that will naturally lead to increased use within the company.

We can help provide a videoconferencing solution that has everything you need to increase productivity.

Our offering

Efftel Video Conference is based on a software solution that can be used both with older, traditional video conferencing rooms and applications on computers or smartphones. The conference organizer can schedule the meeting in Microsoft Outlook. Efftel and its partners can also provide complete conferencing environments. Efftel always provides video conferencing as a service at a fixed monthly price including hardware, software, installation and support.

Why video conferencing?

The arguments are straightforward and long-standing. Video conferencing reduces travel and thus travel expenses. It frees up time for extra meetings that might otherwise be tough to fit into a busy schedule. In short, it makes work more efficient. You and your colleagues can spend less time traveling and do your part for the environment at the same time.

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