Services that let you provide world-class customer care

If you are in charge of your company’s electronic communications, Efftel can support you with a variety of supplementary services for our solutions.

They are designed to make all the processes in and around your communications environment as convenient as possible.

Together, they give you world-class client care. You choose the services you want to use and the level of service that’s right for your needs.

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Efftel Support

As an Efftel client, you have access to our highly effective support. We ordinarily answer calls within a minute. You receive personal service from competent employees who understand the details of your solution.

  • You can choose the support hours that suit you best, from standard office hours to round-the-clock.
  • We can provide global support in multiple languages.
  • Fault handling is provided at predefined levels. You can also opt for higher priority by signing a customized service level agreement.
  • We work according to ITIL, the global IT service management standard.

Cost and process performance control

We offer easy-to-use tools to help you monitor your communications solutions and the results of your work with them.

  • Statistics and reports
  • Customized invoicing in multiple languages
  • Automated end-user surveys
  • Consulting services such as process improvement and customer-specific development projects

Single point-of-contact

If you work with your company’s communications solutions, you are assigned one contact person at Efftel who can help you anywhere in the world.

Depending on your needs, we can assign a specific Client Team to you, with team members updated on your specific situation and needs. A Client Team typically includes an Account Manager and a Customer Care Manager, and checks up on you regularly.

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