How does my desk phone work?
Manuals are delivered together with the phones we sell. Check with your telephony administrator for these documents. Should you need new copies, please contact us at Efftel support and we will email you a new copy.

I can’t make calls. What should I do?
Most issues can be fixed by the following steps below (or via IT / telephony managers at your company).

  1. Verify that you can access the Internet as usual. If not, contact your Internet service provider.
  2. Try restarting the phone, ATA-box, computers, routers and other network equipment. Phones and ATA boxes can be restarted by pulling out the power cord and plug it back in.
  3. Report the error to your network managers if the problem remains unsolved. Ask if there are any changes in the network settings and seek help in checking that your firewall settings match the instructions received from Efftel.

I have tried the above mentioned steps and I still cannot make calls. What should I do now?
Contact Efftel Support. We will need the following information from you:

  • A short description of the problem
  • From which number you tried to call
  • To what number you tried to call
  • Time of the error
  • What device did you use

To speed up the troubleshooting process, describe any changes or updates you have recently made to your network environment and computer system. We will do our best to help you, however, if the error is found to be caused by factors that Efftel is not responsible for, we reserve the right to charge for the time spent according to the current price list.

How do I make temporary changes to the opening hours / messages in the switchboard?
Before public holidays, you can always go to this page and enter your hours.
If you wish to activate a temporary message prior to weekends, holidays or meetings, email Efftel Support with the following information. (This applies to both Efftel Max and Flex.)

  • What phone number does this concern (eg, 08-5106 2700)
  • Day + time when the message should be activated (eg, Friday, December 2 at 1300)
  • Day + time when the message should be deactivated (eg, Monday, December 5 at 0800)

Efftel support will contact you for the recording of the message.

Who should I contact if I have questions about an invoice from Efftel?
Call our finance department at +46 (0)8 5106 2700

Who should I contact if I want to change my contract with Efftel?
Contact your sales manager at Efftel. You can also call our sales department at +46 (0)8 5106 2700

The sound quality is poor. What should I do?
If you are having problems with the sound quality, it is good to first check that your Internet connection is fast enough to cope with IP telephony.
It could also be that the firewall is not properly configured on the network. Contact your IT-Manager for more information, if necessary, contact Efftel Support.

What if my computer / headset doesn’t ring?
If you don’t hear the ringtone when someone is calling, it is usually due to your audio settings. Check your audio settings on you Efftel softphone by going to: Tools> Options> Audio.
There you will find two tabs, Speaker and Headset, the setting under these tabs are supposed to be the same. In the fields ‘audio input and output’, the headset should be activated. If you want to hear the ringtone from speakers connected to your computer when receiving a call, you should enter your speakers in the ringtone field. See the image below for an example. Please note that the headset and speakers used may be named differently than shown on the picture below.

Why are all the calls forwarded to voicemail?
When calls are made to a switchboard, they are supposed to be directed to an answer group. However, if all the calls are forwarded to voicemail, it is often due to voicemail stealing the calls. This happens when the mobile phone is switched off, or receives no service. Check that all the mobile phones in the answer group are turned on and accessible. If you want to fix this in the future, the easiest way is to make a call to prefix # # 62 #. This prefix will remove the forwarding to the voicemail when the phone is turned off, not in contact with the operator or if the cell phone has no service.
I use a Mac and the Softphone keeps logging out / losing its connection.
In the OS X Mavericks (10.9), there is a new feature called App Nap. It has been detected that there is a problem with the “update of connection” function that effects the Efftel Softphone. App Nap tries to extend the battery life of your computer by putting applications to sleep when they are not in use. To fix this problem, please sign in to My Page and download the latest version of the softphone.

I use a Mac and the Softphone cannot be launched after download.
Do you receive a message stating that the developer is unknown or not trusted when downloading the softphone to your Mac? If yes, you will need to change some security settings on your computer. More information about this can befound on this page.

How do I get started with the Efftel App?
To get access to the Efftel App, you need to pre-order it through your sales representative at Efftel. Afterwards you can log into to “My Page” and under the Applications tab, you can then send the SMS required for installation to get started with the Efftel App.

How do I activate the Call Back function?
If you are using an Android phone: Once you have the app running, press the menu button. Then select Settings followed by Create calls. There you can choose if you want to call with the Call back function or Direct call function.
If you are using an iPhone: Go to Settings in your phone. Then, look for ‘Efftel’ among your downloaded apps. Under the Call type, you can specify whether you want to call using Call back or Direct.

The Efftel App shuts itself down on my phone.
If you are using an Android phone: To fix this problem, force stop the application in the Program settings. Then try to restart the app again. If this doesn’t help, remove the app completely from your mobile phone and reinstall it.

If you are using an iPhone: Try to start by following the same steps described for Android phones. If the problem remains unsolved, you’ll need to go to your phones settings: Settings> Privacy> Contacts – Here you will find the Efftel App and it needs be activated. If you do not want to sync your contacts with the Efftel App, adjust the settings under Settings> Efftel – and deactivate the “Sync Contacts” option.

I can’t access the internet or send MMS from my cell phone!
Depending on your mobile operator, there are different ways to solve this problem. If you are using Tele2, you will find information on how to get started with surfing and MMS on their website. If you have SIZE / AllTele as your operator, you can find the manual settings for surfing and MMS on their website as well.



I do not know my PIN / PUK code for my SIM card / phone!
Contact your mobile operator, whom can generate these codes for you. In most cases, you just need to provide your mobile phone number, or SIM card number. The SIM card number can be found on your SIM card.