As part of our commitment to provide world class customer service, all Efftel staff went through an ITIL training. Some of us, including those involved with operations and customer support will also be certified with ITIL.

What is ITIL?

“ITIL is something we highly recommend! It is a framework of best practices that allows us to effectively assist our clients. It guides us in managing our services in an even more professional and quality assured manner.”, says Efftel’s Operations Manager Mats Appelberg.

Originally developed by the UK government, ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. Today, it is used by thousands of companies and organizations around the world. Over the years, ITIL has become the de facto practices for IT Service Management that concerns the operation and production of IT services.

Why work with ITIL?

“Though ITIL might not sound very ‘sexy’, without common terminologies and approaches, things easily get messy within a growing service provider and customers might be adversely affected.

To avoid the risk of ending up there, we’ve decided to strengthen our foundation for service management and world class customer service. Therefore, ITIL is chosen.”, Mats explains.

Rather than reinventing the wheel ourselves, we are capitalizing on ITIL to clearly define our services, processes and roles. All of Efftel have now gone through an ITIL training and a number of us are certified. We believe that this will facilitate our operations internally as well as enhance our ability to help our customers achieve their goals.

What does it mean for Efftel’s customers?

In service contracts for larger companies and the public sector, ITIL is often a requirement imposed on providers.

“The fact that we work in accordance with ITIL practices makes our solutions an excellent choice for all companies and organizations.”, says Mats.

We are excited about the implementation of ITIL. We look forward to offering even more professional services to our customers with this set of industry practices!

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