Efftel Max is a premium product among our cloud-based PBX solutions. It is probably the world’s finest mobile-integrated PBX solution. Tens of thousands of satisfied users around the world are using this mobile PBX daily for their calls, chat and texting. It provides all the functions of a PBX on your mobile phone, computer, landline or cordless phone. And it lets people reach you at a single number, regardless of what type of telephone you are using. It’s easy to tell it where and when you are accessible.

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Always adapted to your needs

Efftel Max gives you a flexible, futureproof solution that is easy to adapt when your organization changes. Whether you have one office or several, whether you have one user or thousands – we can adapt your solution so it will always function smoothly. And we won’t give up until you’re satisfied. We can also help you integrate your solution with the other systems your company uses. And when it comes to which mobile carriers you want to connect to you PBX, you have many choices.

Always easy

It’s easy to get started with Efftel Max. Its user-friendly interfaces are designed to have a consistent, familiar look and feel, regardless of what type of phone you’re using. You can manage your company’s solution yourself on the Internet. If you need help, call our popular support line, where you can talk to a tech support person who will provide the help you need. On average, we answer in less than a minute.

Always economical

With Efftel Max, you don’t have to invest in your own PBX and you always know exactly how much it will cost. You can hold onto your company’s liquid assets, and you don’t have to own hardware or keep it running. You can adapt your telephone services as you go, depending on your company’s current needs. Efftel Max also provides cost-efficient international solutions. If your company has offices in several countries, it’s possible to make internal calls free of charge.

Easy to create the solution that suits you best

Efftel Max is integrated with your mobile phones around the world, and can also be used with an IP phone on your computer and via landlines and cordless phones.

You gain access to all the switchboard functionality a company could possibly need. Just choose the telephones the users will carry and the functions the company needs, and we’ll do the rest.

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How do I get started?

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