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Efftel Call Booking

Introduction Are your customers stuck in very long phone queues to reach your customer service? Do you have limited opening hours in your customer service? Do you want to streamline queue management and shorten the


Efftel SIP-trunk

Is your company stuck in agreement with a locally installed PBX solution and has high cost of call traffic? Do you need geographic phone numbers in Sweden or foreign numbers linked to your PBX? In


Efftel Contact Center(ECC) for call centers

With the update of our services and applications, we are glad to introduce Efftel Contact Center (ECC) service with a new interface. In addition to being more user-friendly, the new skin of ECC makes it


AD (Active Directory) Integration with Efftel

Data storage and synchronization are important in most organizations nowadays as more IT systems are widely used. Keeping information updated in all systems at all times can be very challenging and time consuming. With Efftel


Efftel Wallboard for contact centers

It is crucial for contact centers to take calls efficiently within the time limit as it significantly contributes to sales and customer service quality. The Efftel Wallboard can potentially help achieve goals, including keeping the


Efftel Service Online (ESO)

We are glad to inform you that we are now introducing a new service to use, namely Efftel Service Online (ESO). With the ESO, we aim to give you an easier data management for your


Google Calendar Integration with Efftel

Google Calendar is used by many companies around the world. And now, Efftel can deliver calendar integration between Google Calendar and the Efftel Cloud PBX. By integrating Efftel cloud communications with Google’s service, you can


Efftel’s Group Log for ACD agents

For softphone users who are ACD attendants or agents, we have developed a tab called Group Log. The tab aims to make tracking of call history and flow of ACD calls easier for agents and


Better Chat functions for you from Efftel

With the October update of our platforms and services, we are glad to announce that Efftel customers can now enjoy additional features on various applications such as Efftel softphone and mobile app. The updates include


Benefits and examples of system integration

Built on open APIs and established standards, Efftel solutions allow you to integrate with numerous systems. One of the largest benefits is the system integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Upsales. In addition


Jabra sound solutions

We are introducing a number of new Jabra headsets today! Take a look at our new Jabra headset guide here. At your desk Jabra has designed headsets that feature wideband audio, “Plug & Play” installation


Integrate SMS text messages in your business processes

To help our customers keep their clients and staff close, Efftel has developed several practical and easy-to-use services for SMS and MMS messaging. Integrate SMS messaging with your IT systems Send SMS from your computer


Work from home and avoid the traffic jam

Today we have a major traffic jam in Stockholm. Oil spills on the Essingeleden highway result in a line of cars almost to Södertälje, 30 km South. The current forecast is that this will remain


Improve your customer service with freephone and premium-rate numbers – now also internationally!

Let customers call you for free - or charge them for it! Efftel now offers international freephone and premium-rate numbers for your business. As expectations on customer service level increase over time and more business


Improve sales and service with latest Plantronics headsets

Our customers often testify the importance of good speech quality and that it has a direct impact on their sales and customer satisfaction. Almost all employees working in sales or customer service get more productive


Call colleagues for free – All across the planet

Today, we are launching “Efftel mVoIP”— the starting point of a new communications concept. Learn how Efftel mVoIP can save your international calling costs. You can reduce or even eliminate your costs for internal calls


7 out of 10 have started using e-invoice – we hope you will too!

For the past 6 months, we at Efftel have been encouraging our customers to switch to electronic billing. We see this as a natural step as we move forward into the digitalized, cloud-based world with


We listened to you – Efftel in new style

Today, Efftel is launching its new website and branding platform. We are also implementing our new logo and refreshing the general appearance of the company. Flattering reviews At the end of last year, we interviewed


Grow internationally with communications in the cloud

Unaffected by the restrictions of national borders, Cloud-based communications are ideal solutions for companies to grow internationally. However, they are rarely used. Efftel Cross-Border (ECB) is a new concept developed by Efftel focusing on the


An upgraded answering solution for your international customers

In order to facilitate companies with their international business, we are introducing a major upgrade for our Efftel Answering Service. For many years, we offer professional answering service in cooperation with some of the market’s


Service Quality Assured – Efftel implements ITIL

As part of our commitment to provide world class customer service, all Efftel staff went through an ITIL training. Some of us, including those involved with operations and customer support will also be certified with