Today, we are launching “Efftel mVoIP”— the starting point of a new communications concept.

Learn how Efftel mVoIP can save your international calling costs. You can reduce or even eliminate your costs for internal calls from your mobile across the world, and even your international roaming costs for incoming calls.

What is mVoIP?

Efftel mVoIP (mobile Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to use Internet for your work-related mobile calls with Efftel App. It enables you to stay connected with your colleagues across the globe by just having a smartphone with Internet.

Our mobile app also provides all communication tools for your professional life including voice calls, chats, text messages, and your real-time corporate phone book. Hence, all you need to do is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and make business communications at little or no cost.

So, how does it work?

As a user, simply activate VoIP calls in your Efftel App by choosing WiFi and/or mobile data to make phone calls using Internet. As long as you and your colleagues are connected to the Internet, no charges will apply on your internal calls.

You can also receive calls using an Internet connection. This means that you can reduce or even eliminate your international roaming costs for incoming calls.

In many countries, it’s still far more expensive to make calls from your mobile than at home. With Efftel mVoIP you can instead make these calls using Efftel’s favorable global price list.

No matter which mobile operator you or your company subscribes to, Efftel mVoIP does the same job. A new employee can now integrate into your corporate cloud-based communications solution within seconds using his/her personal mobile device. Gone are the days when employees carry two mobile phones around – one for work and one for personal connections.

What’s in it for me?

In addition to letting you use the mobile operators of your choice, Efftel mVoIP brings you large benefits:

  • Whichever country you are in, you can call colleagues for free.
  • You can reduce or even eliminate international roaming costs for incoming calls.
  • Where it’s more expensive to make mobile calls than at home, you can instead use Efftel’s favorable global price list.
  • All employees are integrated into your corporate unified communications solution regardless of the user’s mobile operator.
  • Since Efftel mVoIP provides access to your corporate communications on your personal smartphone, employers can save the substantial cost of purchasing mobile phones and subscriptions for employees.
  • Also, you can let your employees use their own mobiles and have a BYOD policy!

Note that even if Efftel mVoIP significantly cuts your international calling cost, your local network provider may charge a cost for your mobile data/Internet access.

How do I get it then?

Efftel mVoIP is an add-on service available for most of Efftel’s cloud-based PBX customers.

Do you want to let your organization enjoy the benefits of Efftel mVoIP? Contact us now!