We are introducing a number of new Jabra headsets today! Take a look at our new Jabra headset guide here.

At your desk

Jabra has designed headsets that feature wideband audio, “Plug & Play” installation and intuitive call control for employees who need a headset at the office desk. Many of them have integrated a busylight function to help prevent interruptions and enhance productivity. Ear cushions eliminate discomforts when worn for many hours.

Around the office

With headsets crafted for employees who need freedom in the office to perform, it is possible to answer calls remotely and multi-task while on conference calls. The headsets can be connected to any device, be it mobile phone or computer, and have a good range of Bluetooth coverage.

On the go

Jabra headsets and speakerphones also fulfil the needs of mobile workers to stay in touch anywhere at any time. In addition to being smartphone and tablet ready, these headsets are made for both voice and music on the go. You can choose a corded or a wireless headset based on your preference.

With your comfort in mind/your interest at heart

Together with Jabra, we have developed our solutions for your connectivity needs as well as for your comfort in mind. In addition to considering your work location and what devices you wish to use with, we factor in the noise level of your surroundings to help you get the most out of your calls with minimal disruption. To find out more about Jabra headsets and their features, click here. For purchase and/or recommendations, contact us or call +46 (0)8 5106 2710 now!