To help our customers keep their clients and staff close, Efftel has developed several practical and easy-to-use services for SMS and MMS messaging.

Integrate SMS messaging with your IT systems
Send SMS from your computer with Efftel Softphone
Send and receive from multiple countries
More messaging services


Integrate SMS and MMS with your IT systems

To boost your marketing opportunities, Efftel SMS and MMS services can be integrated with existing applications such as CRM (customer relationship management) and reservation systems. This allows you to send bulk messages using the current communications applications you have. You can send bulk texts from an individual as a personalized message, or from a group sender such as “YourCompany Ltd” or “Support”.

The number of recipients in a group is unlimited and the message will reach everyone at once. It is now easier to broadcast messages and images to different groups at desired timings. This gives you opportunities to reach out to more prospects and create more leads. Contact us now for more information on SMS integration!


Send SMS from your PC with Efftel Softphone

If you are using an Efftel mobile-integrated PBX solution, it is easy to send SMS text messages to individuals or groups from your computer using Efftel Softphone. In case the softphone is absent on your computer, you can still send SMS texts from your computer via Efftel My Page.


It is easy to send group SMS texts from Efftel Max Softphone: one click is all you need.

Convert emails to SMS text messages

You can use your regular email to send SMS through the Efftel SMS from email service. This service can also be used by IT systems that send out emails automatically. The service converts the emails to SMS text messages.

Customer example

Many companies, such as retail shops, often need to call in extra personnel on the fly. It’s not always easy to reach people on the stand-by list quickly.

Using Efftel SMS from email, several major Swedish retailers now call in extra staff on short notice.

It enables them to send a text to the people on the stand-by list quickly and easily. They save time and reach everybody on the list at once.

When you send a text message using email, the email content and subject lines are converted to SMS but not the content of attachments. With Efftel SMS from email, you do not need to stay within a 160-character limit, unlike regular SMS services. You can now use more characters to explain better and this will be sent as a single long SMS.


Use SMS services in all countries where you do business

You can send SMS to your overseas employees and customers using local numbers.

Customer example

We help an Efftel customer, with headquarters in Stockholm, to send messages to their UK customers. The receiver will see the message being sent from local UK number although the sender is located in Sweden. The receiver can then comfortably text back to the local UK number. The returning SMS is received in Sweden, making communications much smoother.

Contact us to find out how Efftel does it for you.


More messaging services

Receive SMS to your landline – need not listen to texts anymore!

Incoming SMS to landline number is a popular supplementary service for Efftel’s mobile integrated PBX solutions. This service allows you to receive SMS to your mobile phone even if it is linked to a landline number. This means you can put your fixed phone number on your business card to receive both work-related calls and SMS messages to your mobile. You can then save your mobile number for close friends and family to reach you at any time. You can also avoid the inconvenience of having to listen to SMS texts sent to your landline number.

A picture is worth a thousand words – receive multimedia messages to your email

Using MMS and SMS to email services, you can easily integrate SMS and MMS messages into your existing customer contact channels. This means you and your employees receive SMS messages and MMS photos on the computer screen. The integration makes it easier to answer questions that are difficult to describe verbally and easier explained using pictures. Since the SMS and/or MMS is shown on your computer, it is also faster to forward the information to a colleague or save it.

Customer example

One of our customers is in the auto parts business. When their customers called to order a spare part, it was often tricky to understand exactly what part to ship.

Now, when a customer needs to replace a damaged part, all he/she needs to do is send an MMS multimedia message with a photo showing the damages. With Efftel MMS to email, the photo is sent to Customer Service as an email.

The Customer Service department can now give more swift and accurate service without misunderstandings!


How do I get started?

Do you want to get started with our SMS and MMS messaging services? Do you have more questions about what more can be achieved? Contact us today!