Our customers often testify the importance of good speech quality and that it has a direct impact on their sales and customer satisfaction.

Almost all employees working in sales or customer service get more productive with ergonomic phone headsets that provide crisp and clear sound in all directions.

Hence, Efftel continuously works with Plantronics to offer headset models that are improving with time. Today, we are glad to offer an updated set of Plantronics headsets with even better functions. See our new Headset Guide here.

Enhanced features

Our new range of Plantronics headsets allow you to connect to more devices, be it mobile phone, a softphone in your computer or a fixed phone.

The link between the headset and your device can be a wired or wireless.

The new headsets also have higher noise cancellation to improve clarity when speaking. Some of the headsets have added functions such as wind reduction and active noise cancelling to further boost the communication.

With smart sensors in some of the Plantronics headsets, you can answer the call automatically and lock the headset when it is not worn. Moreover, with SoundGuard feature, the user is protected against sound above 118 dBA. In some of the more advanced models, the Plantronics headset recites the name of incoming caller. It requires the incoming caller to be saved in your phonebook, enabling you to keep track of contacts.

Designed for you

Designed with comfort and convenience of users in mind, we aim to provide productivity-improving solutions together with Plantronics as our partner. It is our passion to help people and organizations stay in contact and care for others while providing exceptional customer service. Find out more about Plantronics headsets here. For purchase or advice, contact us now!