Let customers call you for free – or charge them for it!

Efftel now offers international freephone and premium-rate numbers for your business.

As expectations on customer service level increase over time and more business transactions are made without physical interactions, many companies are already using communications solutions based on freephone and premium-rate numbers. Up till now, this has mainly been done domestically.

In addition to domestic services, Efftel now offers international freephone and premium-rate numbers. Take a look to learn how this can benefit your business.


International freephone number

A freephone, or a toll-free, number allows your customers to call you for free from any part of the country and the cost is passed along to you. It is a business tool that helps you become reachable and user-friendly.

Similarly, international free phone numbers allow customers to call your business for free – from around the world. Now, your overseas customers no longer need to worry about reaching your organization at a high price.

How do international freephone numbers work?

There are two options for the provision of international toll-free numbers.

    1. Provide one local freephone number in each country.Let’s say a Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm wishes to allow customers in Denmark to call them for free. To do so, they can let Danish customers dial a local Danish freephone number provided by the company. The call will then be routed to the office in Stockholm. Different freephone numbers will be provided in different countries.

    3. Provide a Swedish freephone number that allows your customers around the world to contact your business for free.By simply calling to this number using the Swedish country code, customers in almost any country can reach you for free. Hence, there is no need to provide different phone numbers for different countries, which making your marketing efforts easier.

In both cases, you can reach out to your customers and stay connected in a caller-friendly way, no matter where they are around the globe.

With our experiences from working with demanding international customers and thanks to our vast network of international partners, Efftel can co-ordinate all this for you in a convenient and cost-saving way.

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Premium-rate numbers – get paid for incoming calls!

Premium-rate phone numbers allow you to charge customers for any service you give on phone. Hence, you can implement completely new business models where you charge customers per call or per minute.

If you offer commercial services over the phone, or just want to filter away free-ride callers, a premium-rate number is the tool for it.

Using local premium-rate numbers for different countries, you can provide commercial offers to your overseas customers in their local markets over the phone. It also allows your company to venture into new markets at a lower cost and reach to your customers more effectively.

How do premium-rate numbers work internationally?

A specific premium-rate number is assigned on country basis. Calls from different countries through local premium phone numbers are then canalized to your staff who can be based in any location, giving you a steady flow of revenues.

We at Efftel can provide you with premium-rate numbers in a wide range of countries. At the same time, we help you set up and operate a solution that is optimized to meet your needs.

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