Unaffected by the restrictions of national borders, Cloud-based communications are ideal solutions for companies to grow internationally. However, they are rarely used.

Efftel Cross-Border (ECB) is a new concept developed by Efftel focusing on the optimization of cloud-based communications. This concept is tailored for companies who are aiming to increase their international presence.

Why is the potential of cloud communications not utilized?

Per Björklund, Efftel’s Marketing VP, explains: “Practical difficulties together with the lack of interest from major national operators have been hampering the opportunities that cloud-based communications can offer.”

“It has been relatively sophisticated to integrate cloud communications with local phone numbers provided by various national mobile operators. Moreover, national operators have almost no interest in implementing solutions outside the countries they operate in” Per continues.

As a result, communication solutions often become the growth barriers companies face when they expand globally.

What is Efftel Cross-Border?

The Efftel Cross-Border concept is designed to help companies with their operations in several countries. Various service-based communication solutions function collectively to suit companies’ specific needs.

Some of these solutions include Cloud-based mobile PBX, cloud based contact center and Global Support Services.

ECB will be able to benefit companies in the following ways:
• Reduce costs
• Improve productivity
• Support for unified global business processes

“Efftel has been providing cloud-based communication services since 2005. Our services have already been meeting the most demanding business requirements. For ECB, we further upgraded our services such that they function smoothly even for multinational companies. None of the industry players that we compare ourselves with is able to offer that.” says the CEO of Efftel, Håkan Lund.

Why a Cross-Border concept?

“We have listened to our customers!” Håkan elaborates, “Over the years, we help our customers with their communication solutions. We want them to be able to focus on their core business without worrying about all the tedious communications details.

Now there is an increasing number of our customers growing overseas, we therefore developed the Efftel Cross-Border concept to meet their new requirements in the global market.”

“This is Efftel’s new focus area. We have adjusted our entire brand platform to better help and support companies that are growing internationally. Our Cross-Border customers will be able to keep in touch with their clients from all over the world in a professional and cost effective manner. They will stay well connected regardless of national borders and time zones with the help of ECB.”, Håkan concludes.

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