Google Calendar is used by many companies around the world. And now, Efftel can deliver calendar integration between Google Calendar and the Efftel Cloud PBX. By integrating Efftel cloud communications with Google’s service, you can have a quicker and more convenient combination of products from Google and Efftel. Your business can also maximize its efficiency when essential information can be accessed from one place.

With this integration, you can have presence synchronization between Google Calendar and Efftel applications using “Dynamic Status updates” feature. Your status will be automatically updated on Efftel applications based on your configurations on Google Calendar. For example, when you have created a meeting in the calendar and marked it as Busy, the status on Efftel applications is changed to “Busy” during the meeting.
Google Calendar can also be configured to show calendar advisory text on Efftel applications. This setting provides messages that indicates a user’s availability and timing summary based on Google Calendar’s entry (for e.g, “In appointment until 2:30 PM”, “Free until 11 AM”). You can also give more detail about your current and/or future assignments. This allows you to inform your colleagues about your tasks in an easy fashion.

Managing meetings and appointments becomes easier when you can integrate Google Calendar to Efftel App and Softphone. You no longer need to toggle between different applications to check upcoming events or change your status. By integrating with different IT systems, Efftel solutions seek to make business processes more cost and time efficient. Let us contact you or call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 and find out how Efftel cloud communications can benefit your business.