Espresso House is growing fast in the Nordic countries, opening new cafés at a rate of nearly one a week. When you’re growing that fast, you can’t afford to let the telephony get in the way – so Efftel has developed a set of simple procedures for this. “We have an extremely lean organization,” says Espresso House CFO Tomas Ekroth. “Having Efftel helping us out with telephony, including all administration, has been a major benefit for us.”

Flexible and scalable

“When we open a new café, there’s a procedure in place, ready to use,” says Tomas. “All we have to do is ‘push a button’ and Efftel deals with whatever telephony issues arise. We can add or alter functions quickly. It’s all very flexible and scalable.”

Cloud-based PBX

Every café has an IP telephone subscription. This can be installed quickly, and it’s also the most economical approach. With a cloud-based PBX solution, no infrastructure is required for telephone services other than an ordinary Internet connection. It means each café has a landline phone number which guests can call and which, for the safety of the staff, will work in an emergency. Another advantage of a landline is that many cafés are located underground, connected to a subway station, where mobile connections may experience coverage problems.

Systematic number series make life easier

Things that seem like minor details in a small company can mean a lot in a larger organization. One clever detail is making the final digits of the café’s landline number the same as the café’s branch number. Internally, all you have to do is enter the final digits.

PBy the same token, café managers are given mobile numbers in which the last three digits are the same. If somebody quits, the mobile phone and subscription can be handed over to the next branch manager.

Growing in several countries

Espresso House is growing both organically and through acquisitions. Recently, for example, they bought a chain of 60 cafés in Denmark. “When the time is ripe, we’ll probably fold them into the same solution,” says Tomas Ekroth. “Thanks to Efftel’s cloud-based technology, it’s easy to make changes and implement new solutions.”

“I have complete confidence in Efftel”

“Efftel works proactively and really listens to us,” says Tomas. “I haven’t come across many suppliers that are so oriented towards long-term relationships. They both provide and administer our telephony services. Since they are carrier-independent, they help us cut deals for mobile telephony. We hold regular quarterly status meetings with Efftel where we review what we’re doing to make sure we have the right set-up. I have complete confidence in Efftel. And I’m saving a lot of money thanks to their solution.”

“Efftel works proactively and really listens to us. I haven’t come across many suppliers that are so oriented towards long-term relationships. I have complete confidence in Efftel.”
Tomas Ekrot, CFO, Espresso House

Cost-efficient and simple

“I would recommend Efftel to any company which, like us, does not have telephony at the core of its operations,” says Tomas Ekroth, “and of course to bigger companies with complex needs or operations in several countries. As far as we’re concerned, the telephone should be something that just works. We don’t want to spend time on it.”

Current telephony solution

  • Multinational mobile PBX, Efftel Max, for the company’s offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Oslo and Helsinki.
  • Broadband telephony for all 240 coffee shops in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • Mobile subscriptions and mobile phones.
  • Support on telephony questions for the staff.
  • External answering service.

About Espresso House

“Espresso House is the biggest and fastest-growing coffee house chain in Sweden, with approximately 300 outlets in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company operates all its locations itself. They are situated in major urban areas and larger towns. Currently some 55,000 people visit an Espresso House daily.”