For softphone users who are ACD attendants or agents, we have developed a tab called Group Log. The tab aims to make tracking of call history and flow of ACD calls easier for agents and supervisors. Group log can be displayed on a screen to check the latest status of calls for different agents and/or call groups.
Group Log tab displays the call log for ACD groups you are a member of. It shows a summary of all, missed, forwarded and answered calls.

You can see a summary of the total number of calls, and number of calls in each status category. The category is surrounded by a colour-coded circle that displays the proportion of calls in each category.

Missed: coded in red.

Forwarded: coded in orange.

Answered: coded in green.

All: combination of 3 colors in proportion.

To retrieve information faster, you can filter the list by a given group. You can also filter using a given status by clicking the corresponding circle (all, missed, forwarded or answered).
On the interface of the Group Log, you can see the following fields:

Caller: In addition to checking the phone number or the name of the caller, you can see the number of calls to the group with the same status and from the same number/caller.

Group: This shows the group name that is receiving the call. You can check how long was the call in the queue before it is answered or forwarded.

Recipient: It shows the name or number of the agent receiving the call.

Type: Colour schemes for the types of the call is the same as the colour schemes for categories. You can see a phone handset icon surrounded by a circle in the colour indicating the call status.

Time: You can check the date of the call. You can have access to two weeks’ of call history in case you need to check the data.

Note: Both ACD Light and ACD users have access to same window and functions. The Group Log tab needs an additional license.
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