It is crucial for contact centers to take calls efficiently within the time limit as it significantly contributes to sales and customer service quality. The Efftel Wallboard can potentially help achieve goals, including keeping the team motivated. With the display of real-time information, keeping track of overall progress will become easier for individuals as well as for the team.

Efftel Wallboard

The main aim of the wallboard is to display real-time statistics on call traffic and call handling for agents and supervisors. It can be for individuals on PC screens or for the whole team by displaying on a big screen.

Under call statistics, you can see the total number of inbound calls, number of inbound calls answered and the total talk time for each call distribution group over the day. Similarly, agents can track the number of missed calls and the number of external calls made.
Depending on the display setting and the theme selected, the agents can also choose to display the number of calls in queue and the number of queues in real-time. In addition to call data, the team can view how many agents are logged in and are available to take calls. The information can be collated and presented in a table as well as in a graphical form to visualize in a simple manner and compare across the dates, for instance. This gives a rough gauge of the performance for the day.

In case of unexpected situations, alarms can be set to inform the team to manage the situation more smoothly. For example, if the number of calls in a queue has exceeded the maximum number, an alarm will be triggered (send email, send SMS, etc) to inform the agents or the supervisor. This helps the team be aware of special occasions so that actions can be taken as soon as possible.

Benefits of Efftel Wallboard

When you have access to real-time call statistics in an easy-to-read manner, it becomes simpler to measure your team’s performance. You can set goals and see if they are reached, and improve the overall performance. This also helps the team stay motivated when they are involved in sharing a common goal.

An improved performance can lead to an increase in sales when agents can handle calls efficiently and professionally. Further, customer satisfaction will get a higher rating to the benefits of the company.

Working towards common aims as a team will boost the productivity as a whole over the long run. With various information provided in a neat and tidy manner, Efftel seeks to make business processes more cost and time efficient. Let us contact you or call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 to find out how Efftel cloud communications can help your business.