Is your company stuck in agreement with a locally installed PBX solution and has high cost of call traffic? Do you need geographic phone numbers in Sweden or foreign numbers linked to your PBX?
In that case, the Efftel SIP trunk can be the solution for you!

Efftel SIP trunk

With Efftel SIP trunk, companies that today have their own local PBX can connect to Efftel’s cloud service and thereby benefit from Efftel’s call rates both nationally and internationally. Efftel can also provide companies with local telephone numbers in most countries in the world through this solution, which may facilitate if you want to centralize your customer service, yet let customers call local phone numbers.

Efftel SIP trunk consists of the actual connection between Efftel and your PBX as well as a number of channels for call traffic. You buy 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. channels depending on your company’s needs. You can easily upgrade the number of channels if desired.

If you want to know more

With Efftel SIP trunk, we want to help you lower your call costs and customize your telephony to suit your needs.

To find out how Efftel’s cloud services can make your business processes more time and cost effective, call us at 08 5106 2710 or let us contact you.