We are glad to inform you that we are now introducing a new service to use, namely Efftel Service Online (ESO). With the ESO, we aim to give you an easier data management for your PBX to ensure that the correct information is provided to everyone’s benefits.

(Important: If you wish to activate ESO for your company for free, please fill in the form here.)

ESO, Efftel Service Online, is a platform that gives you an access to information regarding extensions in your PBX if you are assigned to be the administrator. You can check particulars and request for changes; for example, user details, number of users and the type of licenses used. With the ESO, it will be simpler to keep track of details related to PBX users and make necessary changes as and when needed.
The current user interface of ESO has 4 main tabs: Dashboard, Manage, Service Settings and Downloads.

The Dashboard page is the first page you will see upon logging in. From here, you can go to User Details page to check user data and licenses. You can also Change opening hours for PBX during major weekends and holidays. If you have any issue, you can Create support ticket that will be handled by Efftel Support as soon as possible. If you need instructions about Efftel services and settings, you can Download manuals from ESO Dashboard or Downloads. Manuals are available in both English and Swedish.

Similarly, you can visit different tabs such as Service Settings and Manage to make changes required.
Efftel continues to improve our platforms and services for the convenience of our customers. We aim to make your communications efficient with right data at the right place. If you wish to find out more about how we can help raise your productivity, let us contact you, or call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710.