With the update of our services and applications, we are glad to introduce Efftel Contact Center (ECC) service with a new interface. In addition to being more user-friendly, the new skin of ECC makes it easier to navigate around the application for agents and supervisors.

ECC gives you the flexibility to manage all your customer contacts at one place. Our solution also provides Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) to help keep your customer service quality at its best. You can also coordinate between different channels, be it telephone, email, Internet or Social Media platforms. ECC includes call center with queue management, ticket management and statistics/follow-up for users. It enables you to choose modules you require to work more effectively as a call center/ACD agent.

Call center with queue management

ECC provides an advanced queue management system that allows you to prioritize and distribute calls efficiently among agents. Our features include:

      • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system
        You can customize the call flow and route the calls to different teams/agents depending on the type of matter with help of an automated system at multiple levels.


      • Web chat
        To help your agents work more efficiently, you can enable this feature to allow customers create chat sessions on the web page. You can define how many simultaneous chat sessions each agent can have. This way, an agent can serve multiple customers at the same time.


      • Routing and screen pop-ups
        ECC allows you to route calls and enable screen pop-ups based on A-number, B-number or on information about the customer. You can also route by skills of the agents to handle calls of varying difficulties, languages spoken, geographical location, etc.


      • Supervisor barge-in
        If a caller asks to speak with a supervisor, he/she can drop in on the call to speak with both the caller and the agent. This reduces call transfers and shorten the resolution time while increasing customer satisfaction.


      • Gatekeeper service
        Based on customer input (PIN code), you can channel calls to different queues and/or agents; for e.g, “As a VIP customer, you are being connected to the priority queue…”. This way, you can ensure that the key customers receive top-notch customer service whenever they contact.


      • Re-queue or transfer calls to a colleague
        The customer will be given an option to join the queue in a later time, or talk to a different agent, especially if the call volume is high.


      • Overflow and preset fallback
        When there is an unusually high call volume, the customer service agents can, for instance, collaborate with the sales team. The sales team will act as an overflow to customer support.

    With more features to manage the queue system, you can save time while providing better customer service in the long run.

    Ticket management

    ECC ticket management system allows you to track tickets coming from different channels with precision. You can also get an overall understanding of the flow of tickets, helping you improve your operational process. You can organize and control your tickets better with some of the following features:

        • Assign a status, priority and type
          Based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can decide the priority and determine if the customer falls under VIP for instance.


        • A rule-based system for creating tickets
          You can create tickets using a rule-based system based on incoming mails. You can set the rules according to the required information.


        • Different templates for different tickets
          ECC ticket management system offers templates with instructions for various standard tickets.


        • Processed in clusters
          To raise the efficiency, similar tickets or tickets under the same category can be processed in batches.


        • Overview of large ticket volumes
          ECC real-time interface provides overview of large ticket volumes.


        • Detailed customer information
          Based on contacts imported, you can view contact detail, company detail, call history, etc.


        • Facebook and Twitter
          By connecting ECC application with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, your customers can write a message and contact your agents more easily. Based on your preference, you can set them as private or public message, set the level of priority, etc.


    Ticket management module under ECC offers more functionalities to help directing tickets to the right person/department quick and easy. This way, you will have more satisfied customers at the end of the day.


    With ECC statistics, you can have access to different forms of statistics and reports. Some of the functions offered include the following:

        • Call statistics
          Call statistics include call logs, call results and tickets. You can also check the number of calls to a queue, waiting time and more information.


        • Real-time information for wallboard
          Your call center wallboard can display real-time data such as live queue monitoring for one or several queues. Examples of real-time data include number of waiting calls and taken calls.


        • Agent statistics
          You can see who is logged in/out, and what time it happened. You can also check how many agents are logged in and are available to take a call.


        • Event alarms by email/text message
          In cases of unexpected situations (e.g, when a maximum limit is exceeded in a queue), an alarm can be triggered to inform agents or the supervisor (for instance, by email, SMS, etc).


        • SLA tracking with respect to service goals
          SLA (service level agreements) helps you follow your commitment set for different clients. This helps you determine the priority, customer type and channel, and apply it to manage tickets better (e.g, the waiting time).


        • Reports
          You can receive comprehensive statistics in reports by subscribing via email and measure your team’s performance regularly.


        • Customer satisfaction surveys
          ECC allows you to conduct a satisfaction survey for which your clients use the numbers on the keypad after the call, or answer a text message. Using the data collected, you can measure the quality of service and customer’s happiness using CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). You can also quantitatively measure using ratings, reviews and detailed feedbacks.



    With Efftel Contact Center solution, we wish to optimize your customer care with right information available at the right time. With an overview of all activities around the call center, you can adjust the level of control as and when needed. With Efftel striving to make business processes more cost and time efficient, let us contact you or call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 to find out how Efftel cloud communications can help your business.