In Efftel cloud PBX solutions, every user is assigned an individual phone number. The solution can then be used with many different devices or a combination of them.

Efftel Mobile

Efftel Mobile is the license that connects mobile users to the Efftel cloud-based PBX solution. Users can then handle incoming business calls with the mobile phone more professionally – and even record them.

Efftel Mobile also gives you several options for outgoing business calls from your mobile. For example, you can choose to show a fixed number or your mobile number when calling out.

Efftel App

Most Efftel Mobile subscribers also choose to add Efftel App for greater convenience. It gives you a complete overview of your colleagues’ and your presence and availability.

You also gain access to many smart features; such as scheduling meetings, chat with your colleagues and many other things.

Efftel mVoIP

Efftel App users can choose to add Efftel mVoIP, letting you make and receive mobile calls over the Internet. You can then substantially reduce international calling costs.

Efftel mVoIP also makes you more independent from mobile operators’ call charges. In addition, your company can adopt a BYOD (Bring your Own Device) policy more easily. Read more here.

Efftel Softphone

Efftel Softphone is an easy-to-use phone on your computer. It gives you access to all the smart features in Efftel cloud-based PBX. You can receive and make calls, send SMS texts, create chats and meetings with your colleagues, and much more.

Efftel Fixed

Efftel Fixed allows the user to access the Efftel cloud-based PBX functions through a desk phone. The user can then receive and make calls from the fixed phone at the office.

You can access the company’s telephony directory and see your colleagues’ status; for instance, if they are on the phone or out for lunch. Efftel Fixed can also connect a conference phone with your cloud PBX solution.

Efftel DECT

With Efftel DECT, you can connect a IP-based cordless phone to your Efftel cloud-based PBX solution.

Cordless DECT phones are convenient when you want to allow user mobility within your premises. A cordless phone always communicates with an on-site base station. You can even build a DECT system, consisting of many DECT phones with one or more base stations covering your premises.