Are your customers stuck in very long phone queues to reach your customer service?
Do you have limited opening hours in your customer service?
Do you want to streamline queue management and shorten the time your customers need to sit and wait in phone queue?

In that case, Efftel Call Booking might be the solution for you!

Efftel Call Booking

With Efftel Call Booking, the customer can choose a time to be called back by your customer service!
When you call as a customer, you get a choice to be called back.
Your end customers will then choose among the available time slots for the call, that you have defined.
When it’s time for the call, the customer service receives a message to call the customer and with a simple click, the call is connected.
In this way, customers do not have wait in long telephone queues, and the customer service can plan their business better.

The customer service works in a web interface where you handle all booked calls.
The system allows you to configure notifications and alarms for different events, such as an overdue call.
In this way, the customer service manager has an overview and control over the call queues.

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With Efftel Call Booking we want to help you streamline your queue management.

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