For the past 6 months, we at Efftel have been encouraging our customers to switch to electronic billing. We see this as a natural step as we move forward into the digitalized, cloud-based world with extensive use of Internet. It is also in line with our goal to go green and reduce paper usage by April 2017.

Our efforts thus far have achieved good results – more than 70 percent of our customers have now chosen to get a PDF version via email instead of paper invoice!

This clearly indicates that e-invoices are preferred over paper invoices. In addition to incurring higher costs on customers, the production of paper invoices causes more damage to the environment. In addition, e-invoices can be easily stored and accessed at your convenience.

Do you wish to switch to e-invoice and contribute to our environmental goal while saving cost? Email us at now and indicate the email address at which you want to receive the invoice!