Efftel Cross-Border is an electronic communications concept we have developed for companies with international operations.

The concept consists of solutions that increase the productivity of your operations. You save time and money and can concentrate your resources on your core business. These flexible, easy-to-use solutions make it easier to develop your international business. You communicate independent of geographic borders, both internally and externally.

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Support for international growth

Efftel Cross-Border makes your communications solution support international growth rather than stand in the way. It offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Your communications solution develops along with your organization. Changes are implemented quickly and easily, whether by you or by us.
  • You are perceived as a single, united company by customers and partners in all countries.
  • If you’re in charge of communications and telephony, it is easier for you to have one contact person at Efftel who can help you anywhere in the world.
  • You can streamline and speed up business processes by having the right information available when and where you need it, especially since our solutions are easy to integrate with each another and with your other solutions.
  • You can provide better customer care by directing incoming customer contacts to the recipient best suited to dealing with them.
  • You can cut costs by having one common solution in all countries. This eliminates the added costs of having a patchwork quilt of local solutions and minimizes the need for user training. It also minimizes the costs of international calls and roaming.
  • You contribute to a better environment by traveling less. With our cloud solutions, you also minimize the need for physical communications hardware.

How does it work?

Efftel Cross-Border consists of a range of solutions that we’ll help you choose, combine and adapt to meet your specific needs:

  • Cloud-based PBX solutions provide you with a versatile, corporate, easy-to-use platform for calls, chat, texting, etc. These solutions are integrated with your mobile terminals anywhere in the world, and can be used with a softphone on a computer, landline or cordless phone.
  • Cloud-based contact center solutions. You direct incoming customer contacts exactly where you want them to go, anywhere in the world, regardless of national boundaries and time zones. Your solution integrates incoming flows of contacts via telephone, email, text, chat, Facebook, Twitter and other channels.
  • Geography-independent communications. We solve what is otherwise a complicated problem for multinational businesses. Efftel Cross-Border gives you local numbers in different countries, solutions that don’t lock you in to a particular mobile carrier or internet service provider, lower roaming costs and common electronic telephone directories worldwide.
  • Shared telephone receptionist functions. Our solutions enable your staff around the world to manage flows of incoming contacts independent of national boundaries. Alternatively, you can outsource part or all of this activity to Efftel Answering Service which is available 24/7/365 in several languages.
  • Electronic meeting solutions. We can provide electronic conferencing solutions to meet essentially any need. Efftel Video Conference is a user-friendly total solution for conference rooms, computers and mobile terminals. We also support video conferencing in our cloud-based PBX solutions.
  • Easy system integration. Efftel’s solutions are based on open APIs and established standards. Our cloud-based services are easy to integrate with each other, with solutions from other suppliers or with your own systems.
  • World-class customer care. With Efftel Cross-Border, you choose the service level that’s right for you. You have access to our well-regarded support services, convenient tools for monitoring your solution and a single contact person or dedicated Client Team at Efftel to help you around the globe.

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How do I get started?

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