Efftel cloud solutions can easily integrate your telephony with a number of CRM systems and other systems, allowing you to communicate with customers more easily. In fact, soon after installing our services, you can call from the customer page in most of the CRM systems using enhanced features from Efftel cloud solutions. With system integration, Efftel solutions seek to make business processes more cost and time efficient.

By connecting your CRM system to Efftel communications solutions, you can make a call from your CRM with just a click. Communications with customers become more effective when you do not have to leave the page with customer information during your call. It is also possible to connect incoming calls to your IT systems, for example, to open the customer page or create a new support ticket automatically when a call comes in.

Examples of CRM systems

Salesforce integration

Efftel communications solutions work well with Salesforce, one of the largest CRM systems today. From the Salesforce interface, you can contact your customers and colleagues using our communications functions. You can also access call notes during and after the call and create a ‘follow-up task’ if needed, enhancing every client interaction.

Upsales CRM integration

Efftel cloud communications solutions can integrate with Upsales CRM as well. When you receive an incoming call to your Efftel Softphone, Upsales CRM could be started automatically and pop up all details about the caller, including the open activities for that customer.

Zendesk integration

Efftel solutions can be configured to integrate with Zendesk, a very popular support ticket and customer service system. With this integration, the user can update the customer’s information on Zendesk with call data from Efftel applications. The user can also opt to open tickets for both incoming and outgoing calls, allowing you to create contacts for leads and update existing contacts more easily.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange)

Office 365 can be incorporated into Efftel communications solutions to many users’ advantage. You can opt to have screen pop-ups for contacts for both incoming and outgoing calls, giving access to handy information. The user can also sync the calendar and DND (Do-Not-Disturb) function according to appointments to update the status accordingly. For instance, when there is a meeting stated in the calendar, the presence information on Efftel applications will be automatically updated to “not available” during the allocated time.

Microsoft Outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook is another application that can integrate with Efftel communications solutions. Through our applications, you can access contacts saved in Outlook. In addition to searching and calling your colleagues and customers with ease, you can create a call journal at the end of the call to keep track of important things.

Integration with Skype for Business

By combining Skype for Business with Efftel communications solutions, the user can enjoy a holistic set of features that will make communications seamless. For instance, users will have in-call features such as call forwarding, transferring and embedded conferencing on Skype for Business. The presence synchronization allows the activity on Skype for business to update the line status on both Efftel and Skype.

Hitta.se integration

Hitta.se is another application that Efftel telephony solutions can integrate with. When you receive an unknown incoming call, you can automatically get a pop-up from hitta.se with the caller’s name and a lot of other information. Using Efftel Softphone, you can also swiftly make a call by clicking the phone number directly on the hitta.se web page.

Lime Easy integration

By using Lundalogik’s Lime Easy CRM system together with Efftel solutions, the user can be notified about the caller with more accurate information. You will also have a quick access to contact information and readily call with a click-to-call button.

Integration with Google Contacts

Incorporating Google Contacts into Efftel solutions enables the user to create, edit or delete contacts with more ease. The data from Google can be synced with information from Efftel applications. There is also an option to add notes about the call – before, during and after the call ends.