The right answer at the right time makes customers happier and more satisfied. With Efftel Contact Center, you provide optimal customer care by collecting all your customer dialogs in one place. Do you want to achieve world-class customer satisfaction, or is the goal to minimize the amount of time you spend on each customer service ticket? Whatever service level you’re trying to provide, Efftel Contact Center has the tools you need to deliver it.

With Efftel Contact Center, you can efficiently manage all your customer contacts with one flexible, scalable solution, even if you’re operating in multiple countries. The solution coordinates all your communications channels: telephone, email, Internet, text, chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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More satisfied end-users

Your customers can access the right service quickly and choose the communications channel that suits them best. Smart queuing functions make life easier for both you and the customer.

Depending on what type of issue they have, customers are forwarded to the correct agent and receive either automated or personal service, in multiple languages if desired. The customer speaks to an agent who doesn’t ask unnecessary questions and who answers in good time – in short, they get a more professional reception.

More efficient agents

As a customer service agent, you log in to the system, choose the response groups you will belong to – and you’re under way.

When a customer calls, you immediately see information about the customer and their situation, and you can answer with the help of ready-made templates which are adapted to your processes and provide automatic follow-up support.

You avoid monotonous tasks and can focus all your attention on work that adds value. You will quickly notice how much more you get done and how much more satisfied your customers are.

You’re in control

The system has powerful, easy-to-use administration and follow-up tools. Users, sound files, opening hours, flows and campaigns can all be administered using our web interface. If you don’t want to manage it all yourself, we can help.

Statistics and reports are presented clearly and include everything from high-level information on key numbers and ratios to details of the hour-by-hour activities of agents.

Using wall boards, you can track all activity in real time. Current statuses of queue times, logged-in agents and service goals are all displayed clearly. You can run customer satisfaction surveys automatically.

You choose the level of control and follow-up that suits you, giving you a total overview, even if your people are distributed across subsidiaries and partner companies in several countries.

Adapted to your needs

Efftel Contact Center consists of Call Center, Ticket Management, CRM, Telemarketing and Statistics modules. It’s up to you to choose which modules you want and what to include in them. We will help you figure out which functions would benefit you most. You can add additional modules if your needs change. This keeps the solution up-to-date and effective for staff whose day-to-day work involves customer contact.

How do I get started?

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