Why cloud-based communications from Efftel?

Cloud-based communications have revolutionized the ability of companies to communicate professionally and cost-efficiently.

At Efftel, we help our customers make the most of these new opportunities with value-adding communications solutions. With them, your company can increase its productivity and improve service to its customers.

This is made possible by the advantages of cloud-based solutions and the way we provide them. Let us show you how – read more below or contact us now!

Flexible and scalable

Support your organization with a flexible, futureproof solution that develops along with your changing needs. You pay only for what you actually use and expand capacity as required. Most organizations require no start-up investment at all.

If you hive off part of your company or add a new division, adapting the solution is quick and easy.

Your communications solution will support growth and change, not stand in the way of it. With cloud-based services, changes take effect globally for all users as soon as you implement them. It’s easy to add or delete users and services.

Solutions are independent of geography. Helping companies with operations in several countries is our specialty. As a user, all you need is Internet access and/or mobile coverage. Whether everybody works at one site or you are spread out in several different countries, everybody enjoys the same solution. People who need to work on the road or at home are fully supported.

You can read more about our cloud-based and mobile-integrated PBXs here. Service and upgrades are included and provided automatically by us. We handle all the details you don’t want to deal with. No unpleasant surprises.

Feels like one company

Our solutions make it easy for your customers to experience you as a single, united company. They help you reap the benefits of being an ever larger organization. Instead of having different solutions in the different places you operate, everybody enjoys the same, easy-to-use solution. At every office, on every site. Anywhere in the world.

We’ll help you secure local numbers in the countries and locations where you want to make yourself available to customers. Our systems support users in many different languages.

When customers and partners contact you, you direct them to the particular employee who can provide them the best service. You can do this independent of national boundaries and time zones, and regardless of whether the customer contacts you via phone, email, text or another channel.

Many of our customer companies support their customers with round-the-clock sales and customer service. Incoming contacts are automatically directed to different countries, depending on the time of day and date. All employees have the same tools and information at their fingertips. This makes it easy to create shared pools of expertise with employees who are situated all around the world. With solutions like our cloud-based contact center, you can provide world-class customer service.


Often, mobile carriers provide cloud-based PBXs along with mobile accounts. Many companies thus end up locked in to a particular carrier. And that means that when it’s time to renegotiate prices for mobile accounts, which are usually a major expense item, things get complicated.

Take long-term control over your costs instead by choosing a cloud-based solution that is carrier-independent. Efftel’s solutions are not linked to any particular mobile carrier, broadband service provider or switched telephone network. This gives you the freedom to renegotiate your contracts whenever you like.

You can even mix several mobile carriers into your solution. An employee can have several different mobile devices connected to different carriers. Every single one can reach your common communications solution anytime, anywhere. Our solutions support smartphones, laptops, tablets and IP phones.

We can also help if you want to declare complete hardware independence and adopt a BYOD policy – i.e. Bring Your Own Device. Employees and consultants bring their own private telephones and computers and use your shared cloud services.

We are happy to provide a cost-free estimate for a solution based on your needs and requirements. Call now at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 or let us contact you.

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