Cinnober builds and operates mission-critical systems for marketplaces, banks and clearing houses. They serve clients around the world, all with their own telephone lines to Cinnober’s service desk, which is accessible by phone around the clock. Responses have to be extremely fast. Users calling in must receive help immediately.

Must answer in 20 seconds

“Through our service desk, we help extremely demanding clients, so it’s essential for us to be available by telephone at all times,” says Peter Lindvall, Head of Internal IT. “When someone calls, we have to be able to answer within 20 seconds. If the receptionist doesn’t answer in five rings, the call is forwarded to our service desk using interactive voice response. After three signals, it is also connected to their mobile phones. We also have an external answering service that automatically takes some calls on weekends.”

Always has to work

”In order to meet the operating requirements of our contracts, we always have to be able to answer the phone,” says Peter Lindvall. “For several customers, we have to be available 24/7. With Efftel’s reliable solution, the only basic requirement for us is to have access to a functioning Internet connection. We therefore have several Internet service providers to our data¬centers, and a 4G router as a backup for some of the telephones. Even if the power goes out throughout Stock¬holm, our operations are secure. Our receptionists and service desk personnel could work from home if they had to, thanks to Efftel’s flexible solution.”

“Efftel helps us with all our numbers, both in Sweden and abroad. It’s great to have one person who has a complete overview of all our incoming calls and numbers, and can deal with our various needs quickly.”
Peter Lindvall, Cinnober

International presence makes special demands

Many of Cinnober’s foreign clients can call a local phone number for Cinnober support. It makes them feel closer. When a client calls, staff see who’s calling directly on their monitor so they can respond appropriately.

“We recently started working with the Australian Securities Exchange in Sydney,” says Peter Lindvall. “Efftel took just one day to help us set up local telephone numbers, something that usually takes a long time.” Callers like it that they don’t have to pay for an international call. Many clients have legacy telephone systems and policies that don’t permit them to dial international calls from some extensions. In such cases, this is a practical solution.

A switchboard in your mobile phone

Users who have their own direct number install Efftel’s app on their mobile phone, providing access to additional functions, such as the ability to forward calls. When they make outgoing calls, they can opt to display the company’s switchboard number instead of their own.

Efftel always provides help right away

”Efftel helps us with all our numbers, both in Sweden and abroad, and provides all the services we need to handle incoming calls,” says Peter Lindvall. “And if I have any questions, Efftel answers right away when I call. I reach the right person quickly, they always get back to me quickly, and they are very friendly. We have a relaxed relationship. But usually I just call my contact if I need help. It’s great to have one person who has a complete overview of all our incoming calls and numbers, and can deal with our various needs quickly.” ”

”I’m happy to recommend Efftel to others with similar needs. It’s quick and easy to get started with their solution, and everything works, simple and problem-free. The only hardware I had to buy were conference phones and our office phones. Any time problems have come up along the way, Efftel has always solved them quickly. I have great confidence in them. The fact that their solution is very cost-efficient doesn’t hurt, either.” Peter Lindvall, Head of Internal IT, Cinnober