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Efftel Call Booking

Introduction Are your customers stuck in very long phone queues to reach your customer service? Do you have limited opening hours in your customer service? Do you want to streamline queue management and shorten the time your customers need to sit and wait in phone queue? In that case, Efftel Call Booking might be the


Efftel SIP-trunk

Is your company stuck in agreement with a locally installed PBX solution and has high cost of call traffic? Do you need geographic phone numbers in Sweden or foreign numbers linked to your PBX? In that case, the Efftel SIP trunk can be the solution for you! Efftel SIP trunk With Efftel SIP trunk, companies


Efftel Contact Center(ECC) for call centers

With the update of our services and applications, we are glad to introduce Efftel Contact Center (ECC) service with a new interface. In addition to being more user-friendly, the new skin of ECC makes it easier to navigate around the application for agents and supervisors. ECC gives you the flexibility to manage all your customer


AD (Active Directory) Integration with Efftel

Data storage and synchronization are important in most organizations nowadays as more IT systems are widely used. Keeping information updated in all systems at all times can be very challenging and time consuming. With Efftel AD Integration, you can now synchronize user information stored in the Active Directory (AD) with your cloud-based PBX, saving you


Efftel Wallboard for contact centers

It is crucial for contact centers to take calls efficiently within the time limit as it significantly contributes to sales and customer service quality. The Efftel Wallboard can potentially help achieve goals, including keeping the team motivated. With the display of real-time information, keeping track of overall progress will become easier for individuals as well


Efftel Service Online (ESO)

We are glad to inform you that we are now introducing a new service to use, namely Efftel Service Online (ESO). With the ESO, we aim to give you an easier data management for your PBX to ensure that the correct information is provided to everyone’s benefits. (Important: If you wish to activate ESO for


Google Calendar Integration with Efftel

Google Calendar is used by many companies around the world. And now, Efftel can deliver calendar integration between Google Calendar and the Efftel Cloud PBX. By integrating Efftel cloud communications with Google’s service, you can have a quicker and more convenient combination of products from Google and Efftel. Your business can also maximize its efficiency


Efftel’s Group Log for ACD agents

For softphone users who are ACD attendants or agents, we have developed a tab called Group Log. The tab aims to make tracking of call history and flow of ACD calls easier for agents and supervisors. Group log can be displayed on a screen to check the latest status of calls for different agents and/or


Better Chat functions for you from Efftel

With the October update of our platforms and services, we are glad to announce that Efftel customers can now enjoy additional features on various applications such as Efftel softphone and mobile app. The updates include more useful functions under Chat. Through this update, Efftel aims to make your work more efficient and improve your customer


Benefits and examples of system integration

Built on open APIs and established standards, Efftel solutions allow you to integrate with numerous systems. One of the largest benefits is the system integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Upsales. In addition to an improved work flow, you can access all communications tools to stay close to your customers and collect relevant