With the October update of our platforms and services, we are glad to announce that Efftel customers can now enjoy additional features on various applications such as Efftel softphone and mobile app. The updates include more useful functions under Chat. Through this update, Efftel aims to make your work more efficient and improve your customer service with more comprehensive tools.

There are 4 new tabs under the chat feature: Chat, Page, To-Do and Meets.


Chat history

In the previous version, the chat history is erased when the tab is closed. This makes it difficult to trace the history when required.

This issue no longer exists in the updated version. As your chat history is stored, you can scroll and refer to old chats when required. One-month of chat history is retained in all devices you are using. You do not need to fear about accidentally closing the tab and lose the chat data permanently.

The chat history is accessible from both softphone and mobile phone, giving you the freedom to continue the chat from anywhere. When a message is received, the first message will be notified on all devices. Subsequent notifications will be sent to the device you are using to continue the conversation. This minimizes the distraction from constant notifications on different devices, which means you can focus on current tasks.

Group Chat

There are times when you need to relay a message to fellow team mates and continue a discussion. In that case, group chat becomes a handy tool for you.

To start a group chat,

    1. Go to the Chat tab
    2. Click the ‘+New‘ button
    3. Enter the title of the chat
    4. Select participants from your contact list (for e.g, search by name)
    5. Click Create to start the chat.

You can be an owner or a participant of a group chat. You can have up to 7 members and create different groups for different purposes. You can invite more participants by clicking on Invite Member button under Settings.
In the Settings window, you can make more changes including:

    – group name
    – cover image
    – push notification
    – sending messages silently (send chat messages without an audible notification), and
    – leave or delete.

Like individual chats, you can upload different files to your chat to share with members of the group. Further, there are options to annotate and collaborate with the uploaded files as and when needed. You can add following types of files:

    Desktop: a file or folder from your computer (PDF, Word Document, etc)
    Whiteboard: creates a virtual whiteboard within the chat
    Note: activates a text editor where a note can be created within the chat.

For collaboration purposes, all members in a chat can annotate, comment on or modify the files added. All the files shared in the chat are stored under Page for easy access.

(Note: As a participant, you can leave the chat, and will no longer have access to the chat history and its content. As an owner of the chat, you can delete a chat permanently. This will erase the chat content from participants’ devices automatically. Same thing applies to participants and owners of group chats.)


You can use the Page area to create, add or upload files to a chat. You and members of your chat group can also create and share annotations on uploaded files, providing you the ability to collaborate on the content stored within the chat.
Any files that have been uploaded or created within a chat will be stored in the Page area. You can also drag and drop files directly to the Page area, and create folders to organize your uploaded content. For example, you may want to keep images and documents in separate folders, or organize content about a particular topic.
To send a document, you can:

    – drag and drop on the Page area, OR
    – send under Chat by clicking on ‘Add file (+)’ icon at the lower-right corner of Chat or Page tab. Select the file to add (Desktop, Chats, Whiteboard or Note).

To add a new folder:-

    1. Click New Folder button
    2. Type the folder’s name and click Create.

You can drag and drop files, or upload them into the folder to categorize files neatly.
In addition, you can further share files stored on Page from one chat with another colleague in a different chat.

    1. Click on the i button of the file.
    2. Click Copy to or Move to.
    3. Select the chat you want to share the file with.


Editing, commenting and annotating files

Sometimes, sending a document is not enough. There are occasions when you wish to add a comment, draw on the picture, etc. With the update of our platform, you can now annotate with different formatting tools and write comments for others to see. You can do so by clicking on the file in your Chat or under the Page. The changes can be auto-saved or saved upon your choice.
Annotation and commenting are not limited to Whiteboards and Notes; they can be done on any file shared between you and your colleagues. This means you can discuss about a document and store the information at one place.


As a new tab on Chat window, To-Do allows you to add a To-Do list for your colleagues as well as for yourself. With To-Do, it becomes easier to organize and assign tasks between members in a chat. Keeping track of progresses become comprehensive as well.
To create To-Do list:

    1. Select the chat for which you want to create a to-do list, and click To-Do.
    2. In the Add a To-Do item field, type the text for your first To-Do item, and click Enter. The item now appears in your To-Do list, and is available for editing by any member of your chat group.
    3. Enter additional items as needed.

The following actions are available from within the To-Do list, for any member of the chat group:

    Search To-Do: This filters the list to show only items containing the text that you enter.

    Sort: By default, the list shows all To-Dos. You can select the dropdown to view all To-Dos, items that are assigned to you, items that are unassigned, or items that are assigned to a specific member of the chat group.

    Mark an item as completed: Click the checkbox beside the list item.

    Flag the item as important: click the flag icon beside the list item. Items flagged as important will appear at the top of the list.

If you click on an individual list item, the following actions are also possible:

    Assign an item to a member of the chat group: Click Assign to, and select the member to whom the item should be assigned.

    Set a due date for the item: Click Set due date. From the calendar pop-up, select the date and time by which the item must be completed.

    Set a reminder: Click Remind me. From the calendar pop-up, select the date and time you want to be reminded.

    Add an attachment: Click Add attachment, and navigate to select the item you want to add.

    Copy or move the item to another list: Click Copy/Move, and then select Copy To or Move To. Select the chat to which you would like to copy or move the item.

    Delete an item

    Add a description

    Add a comment

    Mark an item as completed : Click the checkbox next to the name of the To-Do item.

To return to the list view, click the right-arrow icon to close the detailed actions pane.


It is now easier to hold a meeting with your colleagues online using Meet function. Under Meet tab, you can choose to have a:

    Voice call: A voice call is initiated in Efftel softphone
    Web meet: A collaboration session is initiated in your default Web browser with video capability, and file and screen sharing
    Voice & web meet: This initiates a collaboration session with an instant voice bridge.

Under Web meet and Voice & web meet, you can share screen to show files you want to talk about. (Note: Only the presenter can see all the buttons as shown below. The host can change the presenter during the meeting). You can leave the meeting and resume later as long as the initiator has not ended the meeting. This gives you the flexibility of holding a meeting based on schedule and duration. (Note: Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers are preferred browsers.)
(Note: As a participant, you can leave the meet by closing the window. As an owner of the meet, you can end the meet permanently. This will end the meet on participants’ devices automatically.)
With the update of Efftel’s services and platforms, we aim to achieve your goals in running an efficient business while keeping things simple and relevant for your employees. To find out more about how we can benefit your business more, call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 or let us contact you!