Built on open APIs and established standards, Efftel solutions allow you to integrate with numerous systems. One of the largest benefits is the system integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Upsales. In addition to an improved work flow, you can access all communications tools to stay close to your customers and collect relevant information at one place. To find out more about systems that we can integrate with, click here.

Some of the benefits of system integration include:

    1. Calling your customers at a click
    2. Integrating your IT systems with Efftel solutions enables you to call from different devices and interfaces readily. For instance, by integrating Efftel with a CRM system such as Upsales, you can contact your customers directly from the Upsales system using the customer information stored in Upsales. This gives you the freedom to stay in touch with your customers more easily.

    3. Collecting valuable information at one place
    4. With the call history and notes being stored at one place, it becomes easier for you to find important information on the potential leads. This helps you save time on searching, recording and asking repeated questions to your customers. Further, the sales agents can approach the potential customers in a more personalized manner. You can now work without leaving your system interface (for instance, Salesforce) with data collected in just one platform.

    5. Providing better customer service
    6. By having access to customer information at one place, any miscommunication between colleagues as well as with the customer will be minimized. For example, you can have the customer profile pop-up for sales people the second a customer calls. If your customer has any issue, you can retrieve available activity and information such as purchases and preferences from the system, and find a solution in a shorter time. By having a better understanding of your customers, you can also build closer relationships in years to come.

System integration stands to offer more benefits for your business. Find out how your business can be further improved with system integration here. You may also call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 or have us contact you to help you better!