In order to facilitate companies with their international business, we are introducing a major upgrade for our Efftel Answering Service. For many years, we offer professional answering service in cooperation with some of the market’s leading suppliers. Today, we are proud and excited to announce Kalix Tele24 as a supplier partner for Efftel External Answering service!

You will now benefit from both the old and new features of our external answering service!

  • 24/7/365. Thanks to our partner, Kalix Tele24, we can now answer your business calls whenever you want us to. Worry no more if you have a customer calling from California during dinner time in Sweden, let us pick it up for you. Thinking of bringing your business overseas? Efftel External Answering Service is now the perfect solution for you.
  • Your personal assistant. Whether you are busy having a team meeting, on vacation or attending a business seminar, your real time availability status will be directed to our operators when someone is looking for you. We will answer your calls providing clear information about when and how you can be reached, or we simply take a message – just like your personal assistance.
  • More languages. We can now answer in English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Customers speaking all these languages will be well taken care of!

About our partnership with Kalix Tele24

“Kalix Tele24 is perhaps the most well-known answering operator in Sweden. We are truly excited about this collaboration as we can now offer a wider range of powerful products that Kalix Tele24 has been building since 1992!” says Mats Sandvik, Efftel’s sales manager.

Attendants at Kalix Tele24 create the “first impression” for over 1500 companies and organizations by answering their incoming calls. Today, Kalix Tele24’s offices are located in Kalix, Stockholm and Haparanda. There are more than 150 skilled employees who deliver excellent services every day.

“The cooperation with Kalix Tele24 will surely strengthen us, especially when it comes to helping companies whose customers are all over the world. We look forward to offering our customers with all the new features!” Mats Sandvik concludes.

About Efftel External Answering Service

Efftel External Answering Service is a vigorous and flexible solution tailored to your organization’s needs. It can take care of your incoming calls, entire switchboard as well as sales and customer services for your company.

You can choose exactly how your incoming calls should be handled. By answering your calls more effectively and strategically, Efftel External Answering Service is designed to assist you in achieving higher productivity.

Read more about Efftel External Answering service here.

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