Data storage and synchronization are important in most organizations nowadays as more IT systems are widely used. Keeping information updated in all systems at all times can be very challenging and time consuming. With Efftel AD Integration, you can now synchronize user information stored in the Active Directory (AD) with your cloud-based PBX, saving you time and providing an assurance that the correct information is present in both places.

(Note: AD integration with Efftel does not provide “single sign-on” functionality.)

What is Active Directory (AD)?

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain network. Most, if not all, information regarding the domain is stored in the AD; for instance, the users, printers, workstation, etc.

By integrating AD with Efftel telephony solutions, locating and managing users become easier when information can be mapped from one system to another.

AD integration with Efftel

Under the settings for synchronization, you can indicate which user information from the AD will be reflected on Efftel PBX solutions. In addition to contact information such as name, email address and phone numbers, you can indicate other fields of interest for synchronization such as address, department, immediate manager etc.
Examples of choosing which information to synchronize
You can filter empty and inactive users to reflect on Efftel platforms if there is a change in employee’s status. You can also disable a user as and when required.


Updating and managing key data is crucial when it comes to improving workflow as well as the customer satisfaction. With integration of AD with Efftel PBX solutions, you no longer need to worry about accidentally missing out something on different platforms. To find out how Efftel cloud communications can make your business processes more time and cost efficient, call us at +46 (0)8 5106 2710 or let us contact you.