Customer cases

To us, helping our customers to stay connected is the greatest satisfaction. Over the years, we have talked to many of our customers to learn more about how we and our services can help them achieve their business goals. They are the people who know how to say it the best. Click on the stories below to see what our customers have to say about us.


Cinnober builds and operates mission-critical systems for marketplaces, banks and clearing houses. They serve clients around the world, all with their own telephone lines to Cinnober’s service desk, which is accessible by phone around the clock. Responses have to be extremely fast. Users calling in must receive help immediately. Must answer in 20 seconds “Through our service desk, we


Espresso house

Espresso House is growing fast in the Nordic countries, opening new cafés at a rate of nearly one a week. When you’re growing that fast, you can’t afford to let the telephony get in the way – so Efftel has developed a set of simple procedures for this. "We have an extremely lean organization,” says Espresso House CFO Tomas